I create portraits from photos preferably high resolution and at least 5' X 7" for optimum results.  I realize that photos available may not fit this criteria (especially old photos) so will consider all.    I work with oils, pastels and graphite drawing pencils to create portraits.  A portrait well done is a treasure and heirloom and well worth the money spent.  I strive for a very good likeness and will not release any portrait until this is achieved.  I've done approximately 100 portraits in the above mediums.  My portraits are hanging on walls in various parts of the country.  See drawings and oil painting galleries for examples of my work.  I'm working on a price list but in the meantime fill out the contact information on the Contact Page and we will discuss it.  The price depends on the size, amount of content, medium used and number of figures.  One half of the price is due to start the project and the balance due on completion.  I absolutely guarantee your satisfaction and that you will love the results.  My absolute goal is to create a portrait that you will love and cherish.  See the drawings and paintings gallery pages for examples of my work.  Oils are done on canvas and drawings and pastels done on acid free drawing and pastel papers.  See pricing page.   Click on to contact artist