Hi, I'm Patricia Villa, I'm an artist and designer and I'm so pleased to present my artwork on this website.  I started drawing when I was old enough to hold a pencil.  I used to entertain the kids at school with my cartoons and caricatures and other drawings and they would gather around my desk and laugh.  I still enjoy entertaining people with my art work.  I wasn't able to do anything with my art ability until a few years ago due to family and career commitments.  I am a registered nurse and had a heavy career and raised 3 children who are thriving.  I attended the Associates in Art School in Sherman Oaks, Calif. under the direction of a great teacher/school director, Mark Westermoe.  At this school my drawing skills greatly advanced as basic drawing skills were much emphasized and we drew daily from live models.  I studied under Sergio Sanchez, Bob Napper and other great artists/teachers.  I also took classes at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art with instructors Rick Morris and Nathan Fowkes.     I learned watercolor from Dean Wielacher and Eva Margeurite.   I took a 10 week class in art licensing with Debra Valencia at Otis College of Design in Los Angeles.  I finished a certificate program in design at Los Angeles Mission College.  My goals are to do art licensing,  painting in oils,  portraits, and other illustration.